Youth Track

Youth Track 6.0

Youth Track allows you to record important information about a person
6.0.6904 (See all)
Ministry Tracking Software, Inc.

Youth Track allows you to record important information in easy to locate tabbed screens such as General (multiple addresses, multiple phone numbers, multiple e-mail addresses (including multiple IM and web-site addresses), Events such as Baptism, Anniversaries, Graduation, etc., Contacts (how many times and by whom a student was contacted), Attributes (talents, gifts, etc.), Interests, Accounts (example: fund raiser accounts), Employment, Medical which includes medicine, doctor, and emergency contacts, Pictures (by year), and date/time stamped Notes. Also, over 30 User-Defined fields exist to use for whatever purpose you need for tracking purposes. You can even print out reports that will notify you of those who have been absent or who have been visiting. Extra check-box fields are available for you to customize for your attendance tracking needs. Track attendees who brought their Bible to class or who brought a friend, etc.

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